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Board Meeting and Town Hall Recap

Septemeber 14, 2020

Submitted Questions

-Vehicle Tags are for the ease of access of Kissing Tree residents.All visitors and contractors are required to check in with at the guardhouse.We are working on a visitor management system that will allow every resident the ability to place guests into the system as a permanent or temporary guest.The guards will utilize the list to minimize delays upon arrival of guests.
-We continue to monitor the traffic needs of the community and welcome any suggestions you may have.This suggestion will be taken under consideration.
-We are evaluating the needs and looking at locations where seating may be placed throughout the community.This is a project that is scheduled for completion in early 2021.

-With the opening of the second phase of the Mix we now have a significant lifestyle offering for the community.  The next phase of amenities is under consideration and will most likely be an extension of many of the amenities currently offered to provide for the growing community’s needs along with some new unique offerings.  No specific amenities or dates for delivery have been established at this time.  We will update you as we finalize decisions along the way.  The next update will most likely not come until Q1 of next year
-  No specific amenities or dates for delivery have been established at this time.  We will update as we finalize decisions along the way.  The next update will most likely come in Quarter 1 of next year.
The fitness center and pools were designed by professionals who looked at the specific needs of Kissing Tree to develop a pool design that would best fit the community. 
-The outdoor pool was designed and intended to be a recreational pool incorporated into the outdoor pool lifestyle.The indoor pool was designed provide opportunities for fitness related activities.
-Yes, we are working on increasing the number of classes, and utilizing the multiple locations available for these classes.We are adjusting class locations to accommodate groups needing larger spaces.
-This is an issue caused by the system used for registrations.We are working with the software company to determine if there is a resolution but unfortunately as of now this is not an option. 
-The guidelines were developed based on recommendations from the CDC and other governing entities along with input from our residents, Pickleball Ambassadors, other communities, and pickleball facilities.
-All areas and activities have been provided the same general guidelines related to social distancing and use of equipment as found on the Association’s website.Social distancing is expected in all locations; groups no larger than 10 within 6 feet of each other (preferably individuals of the same household), 6 feet between individuals when not in the same household or group, and 6 feet between groups no larger than 10 people.All equipment is to be sanitized prior to any individual’s usage.Kissing Tree provides supplies to accomplish this.Please remember, Kissing Tree will be doing everything we can to keep our residents safe, and we ask for your assistance with this by complying with the guidelines and sanitizing equipment before and after use as a double check.
-The restriction/guidelines will be relaxed in accordance with the Operations Transition Policy, Procedures, and Phasing with timelines following changes to State restrictions by the Governor.
-This change is currently not in the guidelines until “All Clear”.
-Kevin, Kissing Tree's Community Engagement Director,  is working on implementing some classes and/or clinics.  We will be announcing these once they have been scheduled.  Private lessons from outside instructors will not be allowed.  However, there are a few residents that can provide private lessons.  We are working with the Pickleball Group to prepare a list to distribute of those willing and able to teach private lessons.
-Kevin, Kissing Tree's Community Engagement Director, will be working with the Pickleball Group to discuss options and formats to make this happen in compliance with our current guidelines.
-This change is currently not in the guidelines until “All Clear”.
-Upon the “All Clear” from the State.