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Programs and Events

Find your favorite things to do with some of your favorite people!

Groups by Tribe

Want to do something you love with your neighbors? Kissing Tree has all types of groups to help you be active with in the community. Whether you are a Foodie, Champ, Voyager, or Creator, there is a group for you!

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Register for Events & Activities

Ready to join in the fun? Clicking below will send you to our registration page where you can join in fitness classes, events, and activities!

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Activity and Fitness Calendars

Want to know when you can join in to a fun event or fitness class? Click the link below to view the Events Calendar as well as the Fitness Calendar to see times and dates for events for the whole month. It's updated regularly so check back often to see what is new!

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Event and Activity Fliers

Find out more information on upcoming events by clicking below to view the fun fliers created by the Community Engagement Director!

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Information and Policies

Want to learn about Life$tyle Bucks, how to rent or reserve a room or amenity, and learn how to register for an event or get a refund? Check out the documents about all of these things by clicking below.

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Community Events

Find information about events around San Marcos and the surrounding areas. From local discounts to activities, check out this page to see what's going on!

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